Australian made, yummy, scrummy doggy donuts!

Doggy Donuts

Sorry human, four-legged friends only at this party!

Doggy Donuts - Gourmet Dog Treats that will get your puppy (and you) super excited; who doesn't like donuts! Made in Australia, these specially formulated donuts are created by starting with a lovingly made nutty biscuit base, expertly baked.

They are then covered in decadent Carob or Yoghurt Frosting with fun swirls and funky patterns. Colours vary packet to packet because they are hand made. These scrummy dog treats are sooo good it will make you want one (sorry, these are too good for humans, canine connoisseurs only).

100% Australian made with no preservatives, artificial flavourings or sugar added!

Doggy Donuts
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Packs of delicious donuts delivered straight to your kennel.

Let's make this simple! We have two sizes, Large and Small. Large donuts are for large dogs or small dogs who think they are big dogs. Small donuts are for small dogs and puppies.

Purchase online as a once-off gift to your beloved furry friend (if you are really that heartless), or, if you really do love your pooch, you will set up an on-going subscription to remind them on a regular basis that you really do appreciate them. (yes we are playing the emotional blackmail card).... WOOF.

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© Doggy Donuts - All rights reserved. Website by The Design Dude