6 Large Doggy Donuts


Carob and Yoghurt Frosted Donuts (6) – Large

Donut-shaped Gourmet Dog Treats. Insta-worthy with their crazy colours, your pup will go bonkers to get his teeth wrapped around one.
These dog treats are a specially formulated nutty biscuit, baked, then covered in funky patterns of decadent Carob or Yoghurt “No Melt” Frosting. Colours and patterns vary packet to packet because they are all hand made; our canine chefs just let loose with their creative flare!  These barkingly good (I’m sure that’s a word) Doggy Donuts are so delicious, it’ll make you humans want one (hands-off, bad human….bad).

100% Australian made with no preservatives or artificial flavourings or sugar added, because we care as much as you do! The frosting is “no melt”, even under the harsh Australian summer heat.

Doggy Donuts – Price is for a pack of 6 – simply add as many packs as you like as a once-off purchase or setup a recurring order (Because your puppy needs them!).

A discount of 15% applies to fortnightly subscriptions.
A discount of 10% applies to a monthly subscription.

Size of each Large Donut is approx. 65mm diameter